Crowdfunding Tips

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New to Crowdfunding?

If you are new to crowdfunding, begin with a small project that is achievable in a short space of time.

This will allow you to get used to the software and how to promote your project.


When you achieve success this will encourage yourself and friends to take on more and larger projects. Once you see how easy it is you will become a crowdfunding convert. Not only that you will be raising money for good causes in a simple way without masses of effort.

Social Media

Use social media to spread your message. Click on the Facebook and Twitter buttons on your project and encourage your friends and colleagues to pass on the message. The key to getting funding is to spread your message to your community. Students, parents, grandparents, teachers and friends of the school will all want to help. Spreading the message is easy. It’s not like having to bake lots of cakes or give up your Saturday for a fayre. (Of course you can still carry on these traditional fund raising activities.)


If you are going to offer “rewards”, make them easy to deliver.


If you are looking to fund a large project why not make a short video. Put it on YouTube and you can embed the video on your project page.


Revisit your project and post updates to keep your community interested. They will then share this information on Facebook and Twitter giving your project a regular publicity boost.


If you have any questions or encounter problems, use the “Contact” button at the top of the page. We are always ready to help.

Wishing you “Good Crowdfunding”.

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